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5 Reasons Why You Must Visit Seoul In Winter
Have you ever daydreamed about experiencing your first snowfall? Catching snowflakes, building a snowman, having a snow fight perhaps? For me, I experienced my first snowfall in Seoul, in the middle of having my breakfast. I remember racing outside the door and involuntarily spreading my arms as snow fell over Seoul. It felt like an #elsamoment ! So what will yours be? If you are thinking of heading some place to experience your first snowfall, Seoul is a perfect city for you to witness your first snowfall ever! Many shy away from the cold thinking there aren't many activities that can be done besides playing with snow but fear not! Here, I have compiled my 5 compelling reasons to visit Seoul during winter! (Don't worry about the language barrier, we have you covered) 1. Experience winter sports! For you adventure seekers, South Korea offers a great place to start off your first skiing experience! Okay, these ski parks are technically not IN Seoul, but they're a short bus ride away from Seoul, think 2 and half hours! There are plenty of ski resorts such as Phoenix Park, Alpensia Resort and Konjiam Resort. The facilities are great and there's a good place for
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