Have Halal, Will Travel
8 Japanese Snacks You Never Knew Were Muslim-Friendly
Everyone I know is on some sort of diet or another. The low-carb high fat, the part-time vegan, the carnivore and list goes on. For me though, just thinking about sugary goods and desserts is enough to make me salivate and my dieting thoughts just fly out the window😋 For this article, I have picked out a few snacks that can only be found in different areas of Japan that you absolutely HAVE to try. They would be ideal as souvenirs too! Ready to drool?? P.S. Do note that not all listed products/food items are certified halal. For those that are not certified, we've checked the list of ingredients to affirm that the products do not contain alcohol nor gelatine. We advise readers to check with the sellers and to consume at their own discretion. Information of the halal certification and ingredients are accurate as of date of posting. #HHWT Tip: If you're visiting Tokyo, don't forget to download the HHWT Travel Planner app and find the best attractions, halal food and prayer spaces all in one app! 1. Okaki Credit: shun-gate I bet most people have tried rice cake/crackers at least once before. Oops, no?? Say hello to Okaki! Okaki is made from glutinous
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