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Unleash Your Inner Shopaholic in Korea – Muslim-Friendly Travel Guide to Myeongdong
You have to visit Myeongdong when you're in Seoul! Myeongdong is termed as the heart of Seoul’s shopping district. The area is very popular with tourists as there are branches of all the Korean cosmetic shops, clothes, accessories, restaurants and coffee shops too! Shopkeepers speak English, Chinese, and Japanese for the convenience of the tourists, so you will feel quite at home. Myeongdong is the heaven for street shopping too! :) What you must not miss: 1. Shopping for skincare and cosmetics kaygemzon General rule of thumb - get all your cosmetic and skin care products at Myeongdong as it's a huge tourist attraction which means that you'll be likely to get more free samples! The staff are also familiar with tax refunds should you have to apply for it. 2. More shopping! (This time for the guys too :P) foxinseoul For the girls, be prepared to shop your hearts out as you can find everything your heart desires at Myeongdong! From your Korean chain clothing stores like SPAO and Bean Pole to international brands such as Uniqlo and MANGO. As for the guys, don't worry! You can do a fair bit of shopping in the Korean clothing stores too
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