Have Halal, Will Travel
A Muslim Traveller’s Guide To 9 Yummy Street Food In Seoul
If you clicked on this article, I bet you would have watched some Korean dramas and wondered what tteobokki tastes like or whether odeng is really edible. Well, let me save you the hassle and introduce these Muslim-friendly street food! 😊 #HHWT Note: Do note that none of these street food are Halal-certified, but our author has made checks with the stall owners on the ingredients used. Do check with the stall owners if you have any questions and consume at your own discretion.  Credit: giphy P.S. If you're also travelling to Seoul, don't forget to download the HHWT Travel Planner app, now available on both Apple App Store and Google Play store for Android 🎉 1. Waffles I chanced upon this street snack while I was shopping in Dongdaemun Toy and Stationery Street. It was pretty cold at the time and the yummy smell of waffles was making my stomach rumble. The ahjussi who was selling the waffles could speak English and I asked him about the ingredients. When asked if he used any alcohol, he said, “Alcohol? No, no, no. I hate alcohol”. The best part is that the cream that is slotted in between the yummy waffles comes in three different
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