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5 Things To Do In Dongdaemun, Seoul (Besides Shopping)
The Dongdaemun district in Seoul, South Korea might be famous for its array of shopping complexes and markets selling cheap souvenirs, clothes and other accessories. However, there are many other places to visit and activities meant for the non-shopaholics! The Dongdaemun district has been designated as a history and cultural district. Here is a list of five things you can do in Dongdaemun that is sure to keep you occupied for an entire eventful day. 1. Visit the Heungingjimun (흥인지문) robert koehler The word ‘Dongdaemun’ simply means the Large Eastern Gate. The Heungingjimun (Gate of Rising Benevolence) was the large eastern gate which used to be part of the outer wall of the Seoul Fortress during the ancient times. There are seven other ‘gates’ still standing till date in juxtaposition to the modern urban fabric of today, a clear evidence of its historical significance. Located just outside the Dongdaemun subway station exit 9, this landmark is a good photo-opportunity spot to start off the day! 2. Visit the Ihwa Mural village and Seoul Fortress Wall Seoul City Wall Those who are more historically or physically inclined may continue their journey northwards for more sightseeing. This is suitable for those looking for a
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