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You're Not A K-Pop Fan Til' You've Done These 9 Things
The Hallyu Wave has taken over the world by storm. K-pop fans are everywhere. I don’t understand the song’s lyrics but I can hum to the catchy rhythm. The idols mesmerizing voice, their perfect dance routines, and bright personalities are several of many reasons I love K-pop.  Most of the K-pop groups names contain numbers, for example - 2PM, 2AM, 4 Minutes, 2NE1, B1A4, Seventeen (just to mention a few). Hence, here are 9 things every K-pop addict has to do in Seoul! Credit: Giphy Quick reference for non-k-pop readers: Oppa – Korean word use by females to call an older male as brother Noona – Korean word use by males to call an older female as sister 1. Take a “I was here” photo in front of your favourite K-pop Entertainment Agencies This is on the must-do list of every K-pop addict. It is compulsory to visit our oppa's office. The most essential places to visit will be the “big three” agencies. The “big three” agencies refers to the pioneers of the Hallyu wave, which are SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. These agencies produce Hallyu big hit songs such as Sorry Sorry by Super Junior, Gangnam Style by
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