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11 Attractions in Osaka that Will Make You Book That Next Flight to Japan
Osaka, for one, has never really earned enough recognition to be placed in the esteemed Japan bucket list of most tourists. Tokyo has that pulsating megalopolis vibe, while Kyoto romances with its natural beauty and antiquity. Osaka, with its nondescript skyline, somehow lacks that certain pull factor that easily attracts tourists in droves. So why come to Osaka at all? For the following top attractions, that's why! Credit: giphy P.S. Don't forget to download our HHWT Travel Planner App to plan your trip to Osaka! It's available on both Apple App Store and Google Play for Android! 🙆 1. Universal Studios Japan Well, the thought of fighting crime alongside Spiderman, or to chase after the elusive Golden Snitch with Harry Potter and friends are enough reasons for us to hop on the next flight to Osaka, we tell ya! In fact, Universal Studios Japan, the most-visited theme park in Japan after Tokyo Disney resort – is probably the TOP-most reason why tourists step foot in Osaka. There are eight unique zones here such as Hollywood, New York, San Francisco, Amity Village and the not-to-be-missed-for-anything-on-Earth The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – all carefully themed to allow for a completely immersive movie-magic experience. Credit:
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