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Top 3 Local Halal Food in Korea
UPDATE: We've updated our list so do check out the 7 Halal Korean Restaurants in Korea You Must Visit At Least Once! And if you're planning your trip to Seoul, don't forget to download the HHWT Travel Planner app for Android and iOS! Find must-see attractions, halal food places and prayer spaces all in one app :) We've stayed in Seoul for 6 months so trust us when we say we've found the top 3 halal local food in Korea! In the past, halal food in Korea meant Indian cuisine and kebabs. Thanks to the K wave, you can now enjoy the delicious local Korean food that your favorite Korean artistes have been eating!   KoreaKoreans 1. Murree Muslim Food마리무슬림푸드 - Itaewon Murree Muslim Food FB Page Haifa Hasim  If you're visiting Seoul, you have to try authentic halal Korean dishes at Murree! They have one of the most extensive menus serving halal Korean food such as Samgyetang 삼게탕 (Ginseng Chicken Soup), Kimchi Bokkeumbap 김치 볶음밥(Kimchi Fried Rice), Bulgogi 불고기 (Marinated Grilled Beef), Kimchi Jeon김치전 (Kimchi Pancake) and more. The best part? They provide a number of refillable banchan 반찬(sidedishes), which is as authentic as you can go in Korea!  Murree Muslim Food FB Page Our
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