Have Halal, Will Travel
10 Must-Try Muslim-Friendly Street Food In Bangkok
Oh, Bangkok. Sometimes I wonder just what is it about you that makes me want to come back every time. One of the challenges we face when we visit Bangkok would be figuring out which street food is halal and this challenge magnifies when it comes to all that delicious street food you WILL end up passing by as you make your way through the streets of this lively city. Well fear not brave travellers! Let us guide you through this, and together we shall see what Muslim-friendly street food is available for you to try during your next trip over! Credit: giphy #HHWT Tip: A general guide would be to head over to any area that has a mosque as they will always have many halal restaurants or street food stalls available. A popular area would be Ramkhamhaeng (where Ramkhamhaeng University is located) soi 37 all the way up to Ramkhamhaeng soi 65, and also Phetchaburi soi 7 in Pratunam area where Darul Aman Mosque is located! Do note that not all of the listed street foods are halal-certified, however we've checked and they do not contain lard, pork or alcohol. As always, we advise our readers to double check with
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